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What does your skincare regimen have to do with ending poverty? Everything. My vision for Laxmi began over a decade ago in rural Ghana. There I learned that what poor people want most is work – it represents freedom. With @samasource, we have moved 6,900 families out of poverty through digital work. Laxmi will prove the model of #impactsourcing in luxury. Together let’s take action and transform our skin, our planet and people for the better. @LeilaJanah, Founder. #beautyinaction (Link in profile.)
Unemployment has hit youth around the world particularly hard. In Zambia alone up to 59% of graduates are unemployed. @ImpactEnterprises uses the power of impact sourcing to create digital jobs for Zambian youth, with a strong focus on professional development.
'To me, @ImpactEnterprises provides the bricks for the dreams I want to realize, it is what I choose and what is helping me establish the life I want to experience. I feel I am in the world I belong in because ICT is my passion'. - Thabita
For most of its employees, work at @ImpactEnterprises is their first introduction into a formal workplace. Once a week on #WorkshopWednesday, the company holds workshops focused on providing its young employees with the soft skills necessary in the workplace.
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