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“Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.” #kernelsofwisdom / This Chinese proverb defines the value of #impactsourcing. Sama Group has moved 7,000 families out of poverty, and incubated Laxmi to connect even more women with work. Our harvests pay producers #3xwages to address problems like poverty, hunger, and human rights abuses. Learn more about our #deeperluxury movement at the link in our profile: #LaxmiLessons
Great conversation I had with Mamadou Bideyè (the è at the end is silent in #Senegal) the Director #Rockerfeller foundation for Africa. I learned a lot about Philanthropy. The #rockerfellerfoundation in 2013 rolled out Digital Jobs Africa that helps incorporate into the job market disadvantaged youths across Africa. They have partnered with various companies and organizations to who recommend youths who've dropped out of school for failure to pay their tuition fees and gives them the opportunity to gain work experience and in longterm further their education with money paid. #DigitalJobsAfrica also does #impactsourcing where they get employment for youths in other parts of the world by working online (some overnight due to time zones from different parts of the world)... This has changing the lives of thousands on thousands of youths in Africa. #Rockerfeller if you ask me has redefined philanthropy #DJAfrica #storiesfromAfrica #AfricaSpeaks
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